Major items listed here. More in the workshop. All must go. $120K 

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All machining, boring & honing equipment + tooling MUST GO. BERCO, SERDI, PAI SHENG & SUNNEN

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Serdi 60 Head Servicing Machine + pilots, mandrels, tools, inserts & screws. BONUS tool holder vacuum tester, 300+ valve seat inserts & more.
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BERCO ACP155.22 Boring Bar. Air float. 4 tool holders,sharpener, tooling, centralising fingers, micrometers, internal bore guages & more. 3PH 415V
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PAI SHENG B300 honing machine. Sunnen ANR style hone head. Stones 2.700"-4.100". Lrg hone set for range 4.700"-7.000". Micrometers, bore gauges & more

Sunnen VGS20 Head Servicing Machine. Mira ball drive tooling. ++pilots & reamers. Vacuum tester, 3 mandrels. Keyless chuck. Valve seat tooling. Micrometers & more

MIGOMAG 240 single phase 240V mig welder. Bonus remote feeder & 10M unbilical & boom.
MILLER SYNCROWAVE 250 3PH 415V AC/DC Stick TIG. Bonus extras.

Workmate 30 TON Press. ++ adaptions. Plates for suspension work. Tooling for wheel hub & axle bearing replacement, strut compressing & more. 

BERCO STC 361 Milling Machine. Segmented stone head 3/8" & 1/2" CBN/PCD insert holders. Bonus Winfield hydraulic head clamping fixture. 3pH 415V

Carolina 55 Tonne Press. Hydraulic/hand operation. ++ range of dies and plates.

1200L Agitating Parts Cleaning Tank (green). 3PH heater. Pneumatic.
Turbo Pressure Wash (blue). High pressure.1100mm basket. 3PH pump/heater.  


Jasman Enterprises Wash Mate Steam Cleaner. 300 bar 18L/M. 3PH 415V. Gerni 1PH240V diesel/electric heater. 50M hose. 2 HI/LO pressure lances. 

ATLAS COPCO GA11 Rotary Screw Air Compressor. 3PH 11Kw motor. 414V. 7.5 BAR. 30.9L/S. Free air flow with air cooler assembly

Custom built 2CYL Air Compressor and storage tank. Back up use only. 10HP motor. 3PH 415V

Custom-built front loading sandblasting cabinet. Dust extraction filtration fan.

Custom build 60 Tonne Press. Electric/hydraulic. 3PH 415V. CAT Dozer RAM. Work smarter & faster.

SUNNEN Con Rod Heater. Take the guesswork out of pin fitting.

BERCO 60/90 degree blueprinting jig.

MIRA Ultra Sonic Bath. 5L Capacity

Drill mill. 1/2" keyed chuck

SnapOn Verus Pro Scan Tool. Recently updated. Large range of vehicle adaptors.

TREGO 500 Valve Spring Press. Bench mounted. Foot or hand operated. Slide hammer. Tilt 45 degrees forward. 30 degrees backward.

SnapOn, PROTO & W&B Tension Wrenches. 3/8", 1/2", 3/4".

Specialty Kits. Range of timing and tooling kits. Vehicle specific.

Huge range of Helicoil and recoil thread repair kits including bonus consumables.

Huge range of oil pressure gauges, infra red heat gun, borescope, timing lights, bearing installers, ball joint separator, torque multiplier, timsert MIIX1.5 & 2 threat repair kits.

Genuine Wurth and Forch consumables. Body clips, copper washers, sump plugs, genuine Toyota O rings

Blanking grommets, wiring grommets, P clamps, stainless steel screws, exhaust nuts, metric bolts, washers, split pins and more.

Sockets. Huge range.

Diesel diagnostics. Injector leak off kit to test for injector internal leakage. Common rail injector seat reclaiming kit.

Filter removal cups. In tank fuel filter replacement kit

KWIKWAY SVSD Valve Facer. Air chuck, diamond dresser and original tools supplied. 1PH 240V.

ADVANCED Automotive 4 Tonne 4 Post Hoist (blue). Wheels free hoist. 3PH 415V. Serviced.

MOLNAR 4 Post 4 Tonne Wide Hoist (red rear). Jacking beam hydraulic. 3PH 415V. Serviced.

Molnar 3 Tonne 2 post hoist 3PH 415V. Seviced.

AEG 1/2" Hammer Drill, Makita Jigsaw, GMC 8" Circular Saw, Ozito Planer, Ozito Drop Saw, Ozito 9" Angle Grinder, GMC Jigsaw

Work faster and safer when removing gear boxes with this gearbox jack telescopic. In excellent working condition.

Take the grunt out of gearbox removal with this gearbox floor jack. Your back with thank you.

Low profile heavy duty floor jacks. Excellent working condition.

Axel stands x 16.  Various ratings. 500KG to 10,000KG. Some new.

No room for error when using this dial gauge to measure valve stem protrusion. 

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